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411XML® Program Automatically Registering Hundreds of Thousands of Loyalty and Gift Card Users

For Immediate Release 
Comprehensive, Cost-effective Card-Activation Program is Appropriate for Multiple Industries 
Orinda, CA – January 25, 2006
National Directory Information Services LLC and D2M Solutions Inc. are providing a web and interactive voice response (IVR) registration, activation and funding system for loyalty card programs. The card-activation technology enables companies to provide direct consumer discounts in the form of funded, ATM-like debit cards, while enhancing brand loyalty and, where needed, capturing additional market data.  
"Our fully automated activation process identifies the caller, gets the required cardholder registration data and funds the card," said Richard Weerts, principal and co-founder of National Directory Information Services. "We track the card throughout its entire lifecycle from distribution to use at a retail location."  
For example, National Directory and D2M have set up several comprehensive programs, which will run three-to-six-months each, to register co-pay debit cards for pharmaceutical products. When the cards are activated via the phone or through the website, customers receive credit on the debit card to cover a co-pay amount for their pharmaceutical purchases.  
The customer response and acceptance has been "phenomenal," at least partially due to the simplified enrollment and activation process, according to Weerts. The system is activating and funding tens of thousands of cards every month.  
During activation individuals may be required to answer some questions posed by the automated system. "This technology has a tremendous advantage over traditional enrollment and registration processes," said Kris Lakshmanan, CEO of D2M Solutions. "Consumers answer automated survey questions much more than those posed by live agents. With such a high participation in the survey, companies obtain reliable, valuable consumer information at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods."  
When compared to the traditional, expensive call center, this turnkey activation system reduces costs by at least 50 percent, while dramatically improving survey participation. 
"We can provide the same type of program, from actually producing the cards to providing extensive market data, for virtually any company wanting to know more about its new customers," said Weerts. "The cards can be restricted for use at certain types of retail outlets or can be unrestricted for use virtually anywhere debit or ATM cards are accepted. 
"This type of end-to-end activation program is particularly appropriate for companies that want to do loyalty programs but do not have their own retail outlets," he continued. "For example, a nationwide network of insurance agents might issue branded cards that automatically offer policyholders a free tank of gas with every renewal. This would promote loyalty and, by asking a few simple questions in the activation process, provide valuable feedback about customer satisfaction." 
About National Directory Information Services/411XML® 
National Directory Information Services LLC is the leading developer of automated directory assistance information for companies that need fast and accurate electronic data for sales, customer care and operations. The company's primary product line, 411XML, provides directory data in real time to interactive voice response applications, call center agent screens or any Internet-enabled application with an unprecedented level of accuracy. The privately held company is headquartered in Orinda, California. For more information, call (800) 396-3179, email info@411XML.com or go online to www.411XML.com. 
411XML is a registered trademark of National Directory Information Services. Other product or company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.  
Richard Weerts 
National Directory Information Services 
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