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National Directory Information Services, LLC in Formation

Orinda, CA - May 15, 2003 
National Directory Information Services, LLC ("NDI Services") has been formed as a California Limited Liability Company to offer advanced directory information products to businesses. 
NDI Services is a joint venture between Sierra Valley Capital, LLC and Recognos, Inc., both California companies.  
"Our product line provides directory solutions tailored to particular industries. Many businesses already know how valuable directory information data can be, and many others are finding out how our real-time directory information products can better leverage existing data and create new opportunities for them," says Richard Weerts, principal and co-founder.  
NDI Services offers several levels of directory information for different end uses and budgets. These data products can be accessed through several different electronic interfaces, including custom HTML (web browser), XML (Extensible Markup Language) and VXML (voice XML) transactions over the Internet or via secure network transactions.  
Directory information for businesses and residences across the US and Canada are available. Enhanced business data including company size and business categories will also be integrated into the products.  
"Our research indicates that this will become a $6 billion industry before the end of the decade, and we at NDI Services intend it to become the pre-eminent provider of technology-forward directory information to business, both large and small." says Kendal Rogers, CPA, principal and co-founder.  
NDI Services is a directory information provider and has defined policies concerning allowable end uses and safeguarding its customer data. NDI Services is not a marketing list distributor.  
NDI Services will offer its first products in June, 2003.  
For more information, contact:  
Richard Weerts, Director of Business Development  
National Directory Information Services, LLC  
(800) 396-3179