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Case Study

CMG Mortgage Implements IVR Services for Round-Robin Allocation of Incoming Sales Calls

CMG Mortgage is a San Ramon, California corporation and has over 300 employees with offices in San Diego, San Ramon, Walnut Creek and Canton, Georgia. CMG is licensed or eligible to do business in 41 States and the company has plans to expand their lending area to all 50 states. 
National Directory Information Services custom IVR systems now answer the phone for several of CMG's incoming sales lines. According to CMG's specifications, NDIS deployed an easy-to-manage system to allocate incoming calls based on the caller's geography among any number of mortgage broker agents. The list of eligible brokers can be administered at any time with a simple web interface, effective immediately on the next call, and call priorities can be modified by management. The system tries one broker, then another if the first is busy or does not answer within a few rings. 
The assigned broker immediately receives an email with caller survey answers ("How did you hear about CMG?") and the caller's name and address information. Also included in the email is a vCard link that allows the agent to click to directly import the caller data as an Outlook® contact. 
If a mortgage broker cannot be reached within a few rings, the call is transferred to a professional (live agent) customer service call center. All callers are greeted with a live person. 
All incoming calls are logged for advertising performance tracking and to insure that every incoming caller receives CMG's professional customer service. The system is especially effective on the weekends when attempts to reach several agents are made while the caller is on the line.