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Case Study

National Directory Information Services, LLC is the exclusive directory data provider for The Macaluso Group (TMG) MasterCard debit card programs

National Directory Information Services, LLC is the exclusive provider of name and address directory data for the newest TMG/Maestro pharmaceutical product discount card programs. This includes Glucerna® over-the-counter diabetic-friendly shakes and bars from Abbott Laboratories and prescription Antara® from Reliant Pharmaceuticals. 
The TMG/Maestro debit cards are activated by the cardholder by calling a toll-free number and using a simple, automated interactive voice response (IVR) system. National Directory Information Services 411XML data service provides names and addresses for 85% of callers, to maximize service to the customer while meeting banking requirements for activation of the card. Immediately after making the activation call, the cardholder can enjoy the benefits of the discount card by using the debit card at any pharmacy.