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XML Directory Data Services

XML (Extensible Markup Language) directory data service makes integration of National Directory Information Services data into your company's applications quite simple. Companies often complete the development required for an integration of our HTTP request/XML response engine within a few hours and are ready for production testing. 
XML data services work much like HTML (web browser) services; GET or POST authorized queries and receive a text markup response. There is, however, one big difference with a well-formed XML response; the requesting application can easily consume it into a business process as data. 
XML data service is typically provided in one of two ways: 
Server-to-server queries: your application submits GET or POST queries to our engine and receives well-formed XML in return. 
Client-to-server queries: with a PC application running or web browser window open, clients can use client scripting to request and receive an XML response and populate form fields in real-time, without refreshing the browser window. 
Customer service operators, salespeople, predictive dialing applications, IVR and any other running application that needs telco-grade data in real-time can obtain it from our service, typically with sub-second round-trip response time. 
Custom XML schemes to conform to your business application requirements can also be enabled for a nominal fee. 
Our own demonstration and free trial application is built entirely on this XML engine; sign up now for a free trial. In particular, try the "Form Fill" demonstration to see how National Directory Information Services data can be placed directly into your business process forms. 
Rates on XML data service searches per successful query depend on your business requirements for multiple sources and monthly volume. No results, no charge! Subscription accounts begin at $70 per month. Our XML web service subscribers can also perform limited USPS address standardization and usage/carrier-only queries at no charge. 
Contact us directly with any further questions. We'll be happy to discuss your directory information needs and offer sample code for a quick-start into XML integration for your company.